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  • Kamar’s Nook 2 Essentially version 1 of this site. It used to occupy this folder, but I removed it from the server. The website you’re on is version 4.
  • Orange Borealis Version 2. Actually looks pretty good.
  • Repository Version 3. Uses php, was an advanced effort to handle my content. there’s some stuff to watch there.
  • The Evil Muffin Version 1 of my blog. Created around the time of OB. It was a time when I hated school more than I do now.
  • The (Old) Contemporary Mad Scientist Version 2 of my blog.
  • ComicView This is pretty cool. Everything I coded from scratch to deal with my webcomic addiction. It has users, and they can subscribe to webcomics I’ve provided a schedule for. They can then read each webcomic in order automagically. I think my idea got stolen by a larger webcomics database, but I can’t prove it. If anyone actually wants to use this and it needs maintenance, I’ll see what I can do.
  • Homestead Robotics This folder used to contain hi-def videos. Now it holds our team website.
  • Team Ottlet The small website created for our family’s geocaching alter ego.
  • Mount Edeon: A webcomic I was making, but stopped. It has a previous version which has more content but it’s nonsensical. If I ever start it again, I’ll use this Movable Type site, because it’s cool like that.
  • We is annoying: Do I even want to include this? It’s from way back when I played MapleStory. Blergh.
  • Coleman House My sister’s webcomic which I coded. Oddly enough, it too has an early nonsensical predesessor.

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