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The Divisions are groups of people assigned to a discrete function, that clearly forwards the Objectives.
Key points:

  1. There should be 10-20.
  2. The functions should overlap little.

The Divisions:

  • Science
    • Find models of the natural world.
  • Engineering
    • Use models of the natural world, to design new things, and improve old designs.
  • Computer
    • Store information
    • Websites
    • Mass computation
    • Computer security
  • Agriculture
    • Feed citizens
  • Industrial
    • Build designs
    • Mass production
    • Maintenance
  • Infrastructure
    • Transportation and distribution
    • Plumbing, power
  • Education
    • Teach the next generation, and new citizens
  • High Command
    • Modify and create policies and standards
    • Military strategy
  • Foreign Affairs
    • Recruitment
    • Military Intelligence
  • Medical
    • Heal citizens
  • Military
    • Military strategy


  • It doesn’t make sense to split science into separate divisions for fields in it, as they draw on each other so much. Likewise for Engineering.
  • “Library” isn’t such a good name for what I have in mind for this division, which would also include developing social websites, mass calculations and security. Changing it to “Computer.”


  • Agriculture and Industrial overlap a bit, but I think that the actual work being done (tending plants vs. building machines) is different enough.
  • If high command is a group of 10-20 division commanders it doesn’t make much sense for it to be an entire division.
  • ┬áit is important to colonize other planets right? who is in charge of that?
  • there was originally a separate “entertainment” division in the old document, I may have undervalued its importance
  • I dint have a science and enggeing division
    [2:10:52 PM] Kamen: each division had scienteists and egeneers
    [2:11:01 PM] Kamen: and they degines things for that division

    • This could still be the case, but since (for example) the engineers in military focus on combat they would send a detailed request to engineering division to have them perfect it and flush it out into something that can be plugged into industrial for mass production.

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