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Posted on Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 at 9:37 pm in

Yes indeed – another webpage by that guy who mooches his dad’s site. As you may notice in the categories, I’m trying to consolidate all of my work on one site. A webcomic would probably suffer from coexisting with the rest of my work but in the event I get enough initiative to start one I’ll find a way to make it work (Movable Type is highly customizable).

That said, let me bring my awesome readers up to date. I am now a jaded high schooler. I’m taking physics honors and pre-calc honors. The rumors are painfully true – honors classes give more homework. Being the genius that I am, the concepts aren’t that difficult, but the teachers do their best to obscufate them and make them more repetitive, which has been the function of many teachers.

I will put in a good word for my history teacher, who, despite the crushing boredom that is history, manages to teach it engagingly. And he doesn’t give a lot of homework. That last reason might seem sort of cheap, but the two things go together – get it right the first time and you won’t have to repeat it over and over Yell. Homework is usually repetition, unless you’re my math teacher and you don’t cover some things in class. Then we’re on our own. My english class is kind of boring, but it’s also challenging. The teacher’s teaching us stuff, and I have to give brownie points for that.

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