Kaossilator & Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

Posted on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 at 9:46 pm in

The kaossilator is awesome. Lots of cool sounds. The way I’ve got the music production setup was simple the ownership of an old copy of Sony ACID pro. This has some sounds that come with it, and I kind of patch them together in a haphazard, crappy fashion. Well, this device should give me another degree of freedom. Problem is, I’ve been using it like a keyboard… so I got a real midi controller. I’ll post again when it arrives. Meanwhile, I’ve been learning to really use Sony ACID Pro. Turns out there’s a MIDI gadget in it that I didn’t know it had. Trouble is, music composition is still not really coming to me. In the case of the keyboard, I was hoping to settle for being able to play it. Maybe it’s because of the limitations of my setup, on the rare occasion I get inspiration for a song I don’t know how to make it :(

The Neverlate Executive is a very nice alarm clock. Because my school is super retarded, my schedule has me arrive at school at a different time every day. So this 21-alarm clock was real handy, for a different waking time and reminder time each day. I also put in an alarm to remind me to take a shower. There are some features it lacks. The gray knob doesn’t adjust the radio (?) and it’s quite noisy when you turn it. The backlight is annoying. There should be an option to turn it off based on a light sensor. That would be really handy for me, since I can’t stand a lot of light while I sleep.

I had to return my alarm clock because, after a few days of correct operation, the inner white knob would mysteriously stop functioning properly, as in the modes it’s supposed to switch between were mismatched and the ‘Run’ mode where it sounds the alarm couldn’t be selected, making the clock useless.

Pictures are fairly generic and located via Google images.

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