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Trellis with bean plants

The trellis

I built a simple trellis for some bean plants I’m growing. I kind of went into it without a detailed plan, so I hope it’s not too kludgy. There’s this weird feeling I get when I make stuff, whether it’s art or especially something mechanical, or a program, it’s almost addictive to create. Granted, I get lazy. Maybe those are crashes (shrug). But this has an effect on my attitude toward random destruction, since I can understand how much work is needed to create something versus the single moment needed to destroy it. It’s like a slight empathy for inanimate objects. It’s not like I object to any and all destruction, it’s a weak feeling but a prevalent one.

Oh! And while I’m at it, a thought on the U.S. government’s system. Now the people in the government are generally more important than the system, and therein lies the problem. George Washington was right about the two-party system. A government’s job is to make the right decisions, not the ones which will satisfy the people or the party so you’ll get reelected. The fact that people will base their decisions on what side there on instead of what’s best is detrimental, and prevents our government from getting a whole lot done. Like the 1960s government which passed a whole bunch of legislation which still benefits us today, because it was mostly liberal. And people wanted to scale it back?

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