Caring for the Environment

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I haven’t encountered anyone with this opinion, but I am curious if anyone thinks that caring for the environment is retarded, as if it were a kind of charity to small woodland creatures. The woodland creatures can take care of themselves as long as we let them. Caring for the environment is not charity. It’s mandatory. To put it bluntly, if we don’t care the the environment, we’ll starve to death. It’s that simple, and it’s that serious.

Readers might be sheltered from this, but on the whole our civilization is pretty fucked unless we get our act together. Fossil fuels are an integral part of everything. Food is made with fertilizer from fossil fuels. That food is transported with fossil fuels. When oil runs out, which it most likely will during my lifetime, developing countries will starve. Also, there won’t be any more plastic or consumer goods from China. We’ll have money but it won’t do any good since there will be nothing to buy.

I’ve heard some criticism for the locally grown movement, but I forgot what exactly was said :P The argument probably neglected to consider that there will be a time with no fossil fuels and locally will be the only way to go, whether you like it or not. Electric cars might be able to ship apples from Washington, but there are no electric planes capable of bringing tomatoes in during the winter. Are there any projects trying to make alternative energy planes? That would be tough. I haven’t heard of any.

And in terms of a solution, yes, helping the environment does do something. But we need to fix the real problem: us. What’s going to keep this from happening again? Each generation is different from the previous. If we fail and learn from our mistakes, the next generation needs the same motivation. If we save ourselves motivated by an empty stomach, they need that motivation. Or we’ll fail, again and again.

Some thoughts on nuclear power. I had originally thought that is was an okay power source because it doesn’t use fossil fuels, but after some thought I realized that it’s worse. Fossil fuels could replenish every million years or so. When uranium decays, it produces elements and isotopes that are no longer useful, and are extremely toxic to everything. More importantly, the only place where uranium is produced naturally is in supernovae. The energy in uranium comes from an exploding star. It’s utterly non-renewable. The best use for it, then, is probably space exploration, in propulsion. You don’t have much choice in that area, and the only way to find more uranium is to mine other planets.

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