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I’m making this program. And it will do cool stuff. With math.

I’ve actully restarted this. The original used Qt 4.6 and MAPM, this one uses Qt 4.7 and CLN. Likely to include SymbolicC++.

Planned features, in rough order of precedence:

  • Elementary functions on integer, rational, floats, complex numbers, and real numbers with uncertainty.
  • Vectors, polar & rectangular
  • Symbolic operations
  • A plotting tool I plan to create myself.
  • If possible, an invisible link to Maxima through a CLISP process for advanced symbolic operations.
  • 3D plotting
  • Possible use of CGAL to solve complex geometry problems.
  • CAD.

The picture shows off Rational nums and Integers. I’ve currently got the arithmetic operators and base-changes down. The stack uses RPN. The hard part was the framework; it uses a runtime list of operation objects with a list of names and a functor. There is also a document object so it will save your tabs and library items. The program prefences and help will be tabs. Preferences will be saved with the program-wide document, in the manner of Blender.

If you do not know how -1/F is a number value this program is not for you.

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