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Posted on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 at 3:57 am in
My desk with the car and equipment


I got a fuel cell car kit for Christmas a few years ago, and I set up the solar cell but not the fuel cell. Turns out the fuel cell acts like a battery. When the solar cell or power supply gives power, the cell conducts electrolysis and produces the gas components, and when the cell has a load it reverses the process and makes water and current. Earlier in the day I performed electrolysis of salt water with the solar cell, but the sun went down.

The stuff on my messy desk includes the solar cell, which I disconnected. I used the power supply to do electrolysis. When I was still using aluminum electrodes in salt water, the clamp in the corner held the test tube for me. When I hooked up the fuel cell, I had to hold it. Not visible is the tub of distilled water. The lighter and candle are for testing the presence of the gases. The hydrogen makes this whistling pop noise when it explodes. There is a popsicle splinter I lit on fire to detect oxygen. Water on the inside of the test tube would nearly put out the ember, put then putting it farther in would make it start burning again.

The cell is really amazing. The gas just comes out and goes in mysteriously. The car is propped up because the wheels are turning when the picture was taken. The only power source is the fuel cell.

I want to compare the cell with a normal battery, to see if it is more efficient. Because then fuel cells would make sense as a power source

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